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Youth Emergency Preparedness Curriculum

Earthquake Preparedness

Student Handbook



Allow teachers to teach and students to learn

Respect school property and the property of others

Show respect for yourself and for others

Walk through our school in a safe and orderly manner

Follow the directives of faculty and staff

Complete assigned tasks to the best of your ability


7:15-7:45                                            Breakfast, Accelerated Reader Testing, Media Check-out

7:45                                                    Tardy Bell

2:20                                                    Daycare Riders Dismissed to Pick-up area

2:25                                                    Dismissal for Bus Riders

2:30                                                    Dismissal for Walkers/Car Riders/Prime Time


Our students are encouraged to have pride in presenting a good personal appearance at all times. We ask that you, as parents, stress the importance of proper dress.  Please consider that the school environment is different than the home environment in many ways and that certain clothing choices are not suitable for providing a safe and orderly school.  Remember that our focus is on learning.  Certain types of clothing distract us from keeping that focus.  We ask that the following items be addressed when selecting clothing for your son/daughter:


Pants should be fitted and worn at the waist (no sagging).

Leggings are not permitted.

Shoes are to be tied or closed. Students should be able to walk in shoes comfortably. Physical education is a daily activity for all students; students spend a significant amount of time traveling within close proximity to each other in line—for these reasons secure footwear is necessary—flip flops or slides (shoes without a back strap)are not allowed.

Shirts adequately cover the midriff area, chest, and back (sheer material is not permitted unless another shirt is adequately covering the body beneath).

Shorts and skirts should be at least fingertip length when the arm is extended (front and back).

Sleeveless tops should be selected carefully (straps should be at least 2-inches wide—t-shirts should be worn under athletic tops); halter tops are not permitted.

No hats, scarves or athletic headgear are allowed in the building.

Nothing that can be considered gang paraphernalia is permitted.

Any clothing item that significantly disrupts or threatens to disrupt the quality of the instructional environment will not be allowed.


Student grades will be determined by performance on tests, class participation, homework, and other teacher/local assessments.   Basic grading information is listed below:


Progress Rating Scale: Grades K-2                    Numerical Grading Scale: Grades 3-5


4=Above Grade Level                                            A=93-100


3=On Grade Level                                                 B=85-92


2=Below Grade Level                                             C=77-84


1=Well Below Grade Level                                      D=70-76




Restrooms –

  1. Wash hands
  2. Stay Quiet
  3. Respect others’ property and privacy

Cafeteria –

  1. Talk quietly
  2. Eat only YOUR food
  3. Clean up after yourself

Hallways –

  1. The halls are a silent zone
  2. Walk on the right side
  3. When unaccompanied you must have a pass

Bus –

  1. Stay in seat
  2. Keep body parts and objects inside of bus
  3. Follow adult directions

Playground –

  1. Enter and exit school in an orderly manner
  2. Practice good character and safety
  3. Line up at first signal

Assemblies –

  1. Enter and exit quietly
  2. Keep hands and feet to yourself while sitting appropriately
  3. Show respect

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Published by David Childers on April 18, 2019
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